The 1/2oz Mega Buzz in Chartreuse/White


The 1/2oz Mega Buzz in Chartreuse/White

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 The 1/2 Mega Buzz is built on our jointed inline design for it’s ease of catching fish. We utilized 2 counter rotating blades (the lower is a 3/8-1/2oz blade and the upper is a 1/4oz sized blade) that have been hand tuned for maximum squeakage . We built this bait in the 1/2oz size only because the weight is what holds the blades in the water and creates all the squeak that the Mega Buzz puts out.

 The Mega Buzz comes to the surface easy and stays there on a slow retrieve but the faster it is retrieved, the more noise it will make!

Features include:

    5/0 Mustad hook

    100% powder paint, cured for durability

    Large 3D molded eyes

    Extra large shoulder that is built into the head and keeps the skirt firmly in place


All orders ship for the flat rate of $2.99 regardless of how many lures are purchased! 

Additional information

Weight .9 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .6 in


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