BHO Midnight Thumper 1/2oz Spinnerbait in Pumkin Craw


BHO Rattling Midnight Thumper 1/2oz Spinnerbait in Pumkin Craw

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The Mega Chomp BHO 1/2oz Rattling Midnight Thumper was designed to make more noise, have more flash, and create more vibration than any other spinnerbait on the market. The BHO (Better Hang On) kicker blade makes it all possible by causing a wider rotation of the outer blade, adding more flash itself, and creating a constant chatter between the 2 blades. We use a Worth #5 Olympic blade because it reacts better with the inner kicker blade and once it is kicked into a wider rotation it has more thump (moves more water) than a Colorado blade.

Each bait is handcrafted/painted and built on a .035 stainless wire frame, has a 5/0 Mustad hook, extra large molded 3D eyes, a rattle chamber, an oversized shoulder that has been built into this bait to keep the skirts firmly in place, and the blade assembly is attached with a Sampo ball bearing swivel.

These baits have been known to cause some vicious strikes so please hang on to your rod! 



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