The Quad Buzz, Purple Shad


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The Mega Chomp In-Line Buzzbait is designed to cast easier and hook more fish than other buzzbaits on the market. The jointed design allows it to fold up and catch less air on the cast and it also lets the head/hook ride at a slight downward angle on the retrieve making it easier to get hooked up when the fish inhale it. The joint also allows the head/hook to fold into the fishes mouth when they strike and helps keep the fish on the hook!
These baits not only cast easy but are easy to come to the surface, stay on top during a slow retrieve. The quad wing plastic blade gives these baits great lift and allows them to work on extremely slow retrieves.
Features of this bait include.
100% powder paint that is cured for durability, Mustad hooks, 44 strand silicone skirt, extra-large shoulder so the skirt stays in place, and large 3D molded eye.

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