The 3/4 ounce Musky Buzz, in Hot Shad


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The 3/4oz Musky Buzz is a dual, counter rotating, blade buzzbait that comes to the surface with ease and stays there during a slow retrieve. The dual full size blades create a lot of noise when burning the bait!
The jointed design of this bait not only aids in the cast ability but also makes it easier to get fish on the hook and keep them there!

These baits are hand crafted/painted using as many American Made parts as possible! Built on an .045 stainless wire and painted with 100% powder paint (using our special process), for maximum durability!

Features include:
6/0 Mustad hook with a 7/0 Mustad trailer
Worth quality components
100% Pro Tech powder paint, cured to perfection
Large 3D molded eyes
Custom Tinsel Skirt, zip tied in place

Happy Fishing!!

Additional information

Weight 1.3 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × .6 in