Pro Series 1/8oz Crappie Jig 3pk, Yellow Perch


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Product Description

The Mega Chomp Pro Series Crappie jigs are handcrafted 1 at a time, using a head that we created just for this jig. The new head allows the skirt to flare straight off of the head on the upper end and umbrella on the lower end, creating a lot more action than our original Crappie jig. Thread tying the silicone skirts to this head to create the flare/umbrella, is our way of pre loading or guaranteeing action in this jig with the slightest of movement.

Features include:
Size 1 Matzuo Sickle Hook
3D Molded Eyes
33 Strand Premium Silicone Skirt
100% Powder Paint

Additional Information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 2 x 1.5 x .25 in