Double Chomp Buzzbait in Neon Craw


Double Chomp Buzzbait in Neon Craw


Product Description


The Mega Chomp Double Chomp Buzzbait utilizes 2 counter rotating blades to create the noise and bubble trail that drive fish to bite a buzzbait. Between the 2 blades and the aluminum rivet and excluding the beads that others use to separate these blades, we’ve created 3 points of aluminum on aluminum contact, all working against each other to put off more squeak than any other buzzbait.

The Double Chomp comes to the top with ease and stays there during a slow retrieve!

Each bait is handcrafted/painted and the features include:

                           Counter rotating aluminum blades (without any beads separating them)

                            44 strand silicone skirt

                            4/0 Mustad hook

                             Extra large skirt collar so the skirts stay in place

                             Large 3D molded eyes

                             100% powder paint, cured for durability

Additional Information


1/4 ounce, 3/8 ounce


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