Chubby’s Slider 2 pack, Yellow Perch


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The Chubby’s Slider jig was built to have all the action of our Chubby’s Bug, but can be fished more places!
All the fishability of a Texas Rig, combined with the subtle action; make this the perfect jig to drop in the thickest cover, skip under a dock, or swim in open water. Just slide your line through the head and attach whichever hook works best for the trailer that you are using!

Each head is hand painted using powder paint, properly cured for maximum durability, and have a 55 strand silicone skirt.
Now offered in 4 sizes 3/16oz, 5/16oz, 7/16oz, or 9/16oz.

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3/16 ounce, 5/16 oz., 7/16 oz., 9/16 ounce