BHO 2.0 Thumpin Willow Musky/Pike, Black



The Mega Chomp BHO 2.0 Thumpin Willow was designed to make more noise, have more flash, and create more vibration than any other spinnerbait on the market. The BHO (Better Hang On) kicker blade makes it all possible by causing a wider rotation of the outer blade, adding more flash itself, and creating a constant chatter between the 2 blades. The new BHO 2.0 blade assembly has a more consistent blade spin that creates more flash and noise than ever. The noise generated by the BHO blade assembly has been known to draw some viscous strikes so be sure to hang on to your rod!

Each head is hand painted using 100% powder paint and cured for maximum durability. We build these baits on an .051 stainless wire frame using an 8/0 Eagle Claw hook and also attach an 8/0 Eagle Claw trailer hook. The 8 inch custom tinsel skirt not only adds flash but adds to the durability!

US Patent No. 10,357,026

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1 1/2 ounce, 1 ounce